"Pássaros Vistos pelas Costas", what is it?


“Pássaros Vistos pelas Costas” it’s a panel made of 53 plates of dark rock, with birds in white
and pink marble cutouts.
Inspired by the natural landscape of Marvão, the ensemble was made especially for this unique
place where the birds can be seen from above, sometimes near or far, solitary birds of prey,
organized flocks or overwhelming flight, captured and celebrated here by the drawing on the
João Cutileiro was born in Lisbon on June 26, 1937. He has lived and worked in Évora since
1985. Cutileiro is one of the most unique Portuguese artists of the 20th century. Excessive,
festive, generous, his work marked decisively the artistic and cultural landscape in Portugal
from the late 1950s and early 1960s.
In recognition of the invaluable work of a life dedicated to art and artistic creation and the
dissemination and promotion of sculpture, widely disseminating Portuguese culture in Portugal
and abroad for over seventy years, the Portuguese Government paid tribute to him publicly,
granting him the Medal of Cultural Merit in September 2018.


Made possible by: Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo.