Drawing Dialogues Series: Music and Drawing - A class by Rudolfo Quintas

with music curate by Maestro Christoph Poppen 


July 26 to July 30 10am-1pm at Marvão International Academy for Music, Arts and Sciences.

No previous experience in drawing required. 

Maximum 10 participantes per class.


The Music and Drawing class is conceived as a sensorial experience between music and gesture. A dialogue between the emotions and sensations provoked by listening to music and its abstract translation into a visual form - drawing. What happens when we establish dialogues between them? This relation is called Visual Music, sometimes called colour music, referring to the use of musical structures in visual imagery. It also refers to methods or devices which can translate sounds or music into a related visual presentation. An expanded definition may include the translation of music into painting; this was the original definition of the term, coined by Roger Fry in 1912 to describe the work of Wassily Kandinsky.


Can a drawing express how a song made you feel? Represent ideas you had while listening? Express how your spirit might have changed after a musical experience? We will address gesture, rhythm, silence and texture, concepts that are found in  both  music and drawing. These conceptual elements, when organized through sounds over time or shapes in space, have the ability to communicate ideas and emotions. To this class Maestro Christoph Poppen was invited to curate and select some pieces of music that will be used as the material we will listen to. We will focus on expressing through drawings the sentiment evoked by a song and how different excerpts of the music piece can be translated in different lines, patterns and various shapes. As an example, a monotonous, stretched sound of a violin could be visually translated into long, dark lines forming a rhythmic pattern. 


No previous skills on drawing are required. We will not draw figurative shapes from the outer world, but create shapes from the inner world. I conceived this class as a meditative space-time experience. During the two hours we will listen to the body, become aware of the nervous system, and breathe. From there, we will experiment with hand gestures and then, using different scribers such as pencil and charcoal, we will record these gestures on paper, thus creating drawings.

These exercises will stimulate our cognitive abilities on focus, attention and memory while listening to music and observing what we draw. While drawing we are practicing fine motor skills of our nervous system such as the ability to make movements using small muscles in our hands and wrists and exercising new paths in our imagination - one of the most powerful characteristics of human beings. 

The goal of this class is to experiment the possibility to establish a new relation with music mediated through drawing. We welcome you to be part of this creative journey!




Rudolfo Quintas (Porto,1980) is a portuguese visual artist. He creates data mapping audiovisual installations, sculptures and performances using interactive, generative and artificial intelligence techniques. In a continuous dialogue between design, science and technology Quintas’ work often brings the invisible to new forms of experience through simple elements inspired in nature like air, fire, body motion or cell biology. Quintas uses his work to speak about the permanent tension between control and randomness, order and chaos, light and shadow.

Conditions of Participation

  • Free admission.

  • No previous experience required.

  • Class duration: 3 hours.

  • You can choose to attend the Master Class partially or totally.

  • All necessary materials are included.

  • All photographic and recording rights belong to Marvão Academy.