"Fábrica" promotes temporary exhibitions of illustration and photography of scientific content, generically called "Perspectives Art & Science". Several authors have been invited, whose work becomes a science communication tool with a strong artistic character.


The Collective Exhibition of Scientific Images "Seeing to believe: a zoom to the organism", by 26 researchers from the University of Aveiro and curated by Catarina Almeida and Miguel Aroso from the Institute of Biomedicine (iBiMED), is currently open to the public.


The exhibition has free entrance.















The functioning of the human organism is governed by various events that we are now beginning to understand. The BioMedicine area uses different approaches and model organisms to study all the details of the phenomena that occur both in health and in disease. This exhibition shows different ways used by researchers at the University of Aveiro to visualise and represent these events. And there are several techniques that make visible what was previously not perceptible (for example, microscopy, electrophoresis, molecular modelling, among others).


Accept our invitation to observe, like a scientist, what occurs in the tissues, cells, organelles and proteins that constitute your body.


Ana Gouveia, Ana Marote, Ana Rita Ferreira, Ana Sousa, António Calado, Carina Bernardo, Carolina Silva, Catarina Almeida, Daniela Ribeiro, Edgar Lopes, Fátima Camões, Gabriela Moura, Isabel Valença, Joana Rocha, Joana Serrano, Joana Vieira, Liliana Ferreira, Margarida Ferreira, Miguel Aroso, Paula Torres, Paulo Antas, Rui Vitorino, Sandra Rebelo, Sandra Vieira, Soraia Martins, Susana Olhero


Catarina Almeida and Miguel Aroso