(… ) The centennial beech tree that gave origin to the works presented will endure for a long time in the artist’s studio, triggering the aesthetic treatment of his rings. Paulo Neves is a sculptor who knows the meanderings of the forest and those of art, the plots of the first nature and those of the second, the strategies of creation.
The works exhibited in this undifferentiated shopping center setting, however decontextualized they may appear, far from the character and soul of the trees, carry the memory of the natural, bring it up to date before us.
The contrast can only intensify our reaction. By staging the eternity of nature and the immortality of the elements, this sculpture also reminds us of our condition (…)

CASTRO, Laura in As árvores não morrem



Paulo Neves was born in 1959 and, although he studied at Escola de Belas Artes do Porto, in Portugal, his learning was, in the modern European tradition, exclusively self-taught. He set out at a very young age to discover the world, meet artists, visit museums, and discover other worlds, an experience that has undoubtedly been crucial to the work he has been doing. During the 90’s, he would reveal his artistic maturity, affirming himself today as an international sculptor of unavoidable national reference. With pieces in several Portuguese private and public collections, Paulo Neves is represented in United States, France, Spain, Brazil, Holland, Belgium, Romania, Australia, Morocco, Germany, Thailand, and Japan. The morphological expression of his pieces appeals to expressionism and the baroque, although his language seems totally original, built apart from the aesthetic movements and trends of his time.