Burnt Paths Marvão

Burnt Paths Marvão | Contemporary Art Exhibition

Inauguration on July 3, 2022 / 17h00



– Andrea Gogova

– Daniela Brill Estrada

– Lena Ortega

– Robertina Šebjanič

– Kira O’Reilly

– Sally Santiago


As you are going through time, if you look back, you can imagine that the path you have gone through is now burnt and impossible to go through again, due to the direction of time.
Time is a constant direction in life, while our senses tell us where and when we are at any given time, we can also think of time as a sequence of in-betweens. In time, no matter how many times you may want to reverse direction, you cannot go back. Or can you?

Burnt Paths is an exhibition that brings together works from very different artists, at different stages of their practice. However, they all have very strong referential connections to a direction of time, to a path, to a in between moment that cannot be recovered. Either because this moment becomes form and is expressed through a process of transformation, as a print of an instant turned into a physical and chemical process of oxidation. Or because the work itself is completely dedicated to the interfaces between spaces that are composed of different matter and mediated by the body of the artist. Or even because the images are explicitly made through a process of intention and perceived randomness that cannot ever be repeated again.

The works explore the corporality of certain moments, not letting them go unnoticed – they grow from sound, expanding beyond hearing; they call attention to microscopic constructions that dissolve; they betray the result left by the artist, developing through the outlined conditions; they explore, grain by grain, the materiality and density of materials. And all these specifications, which characterise them, could be completely differ ent, if they had remained stuck in the “what ifs”.

We invite you to look into Burnt Paths and see what exists in between, in process and irreversibly goes forward.


Copper Bodies: Re-activating the archive | Kira O’Reilly

Sonic Allegories | Robertina Šebjanič & Lena Ortega

A Divina Psique | Sally Santiago