Drawings in Dialogue with Nature 

Drawings in Dialogue with Nature 

A drawing class by Rudolfo Quintas, that invites us to feel the nature surrounding the Marvão Academy, through drawing.

July 25 to 29 2022 / 10h00 – 13h00
No previous experience in drawing required.
Maximum 10 participants per class.

After the successful experience of the classes “Drawings in Dialogue with Music”, held in the last edition of FIMM and conceived as a free exploration between music and drawing, Rudolfo Quintas returns to Marvão conceiving a new drawing class even more immersive. In this second edition, Quintas conceived a set of drawing exercises, with a permanent bridge with the surrounding space (Quinta dos Olhos d’Água), as a way to make us feel Marvão in its purest state. Full attention to nature, body and environment awareness will be the basis to understand our relationship and expression with drawing where music will not be forgotten either.


Rudolfo Quintas (Porto,1980) is a portuguese visual artist. He creates data mapping audiovisual installations, sculptures and performances using interactive, generative and artificial intelligence techniques. In a continuous dialogue between design, science and technology Quintas’ work often brings the invisible to new forms of experience through simple elements inspired in nature like air, fire, body motion or cell biology. Quintas uses his work to speak about the permanent tension between control and randomness, order and chaos, light and shadow.

Conditions of Participation
  • Free admission.

  • No previous experience required.

  • Class duration: 3 hours.

  • All necessary materials are included.

  • All photographic and recording rights belong to Marvão Academy.