PIANOSCÓPIO, what is it?

In the Universe-CMT the artistic-educational constellation “Anatomy of the Piano” has the piano as the central instrument in a series of initiatives that connect the stage to the classroom, the laboratory or the community. In this constellation, the Pianoscópio assumes the place of experimentation and deconstruction of the piano, seeking to contribute to a deeper view of music and providing an opportunity for discovery and expression. The Pianoscópio is an experience that transforms the piano into a collective instrument, an installation / sound sculpture capable of producing sounds of immense colors, in a laboratory where the links between art and science are explored. in a space to be inhabited by people and to sound due to the interactions between them,

The Pianoscópio is, in the first place, an interactive installation that can be visited and explored by anyone. It is also a workshop, centered not only on the exploration of sound resources but, above all, on the construction of pieces of music that, having a predefined basis, develop through improvisation. Piansocópio also includes a documentary that presents the creative process that gave origin to the project.


Artistic sheet

Design and Production:  Companhia de Música Teatral

Art Direction: Paulo Maria Rodrigues

Sonoscopy: Henrique Fernandes

Pianotronics: Filipe Lopes

Pianoscopists: Mariana Miguel et al.

Costume Design: Izabel Rocha

Sculpture: Ana Guedes and Miguel Ferraz